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Movement Classes

Get To Know Your Body Through Movement

Move Within Your Structure

ILM Movement classes are designed to help you explore your body within your boundaries. The instructions are simple, easy to follow, full of imagery and meant to provoke joy and ease in movement.


Learn Tools For Life

The practice enables us to move with increased ease and efficiency. It aids in minimizing effort and unlocking the fluidity of movement within the body - allowing us to move freely and release accumulated tensions.

We work on fundamental body functions and the way movement passes through them. This offers us possibilities to expand our range of motion and delve endlessly into the exploration of movement.


Who are there classes for?

These movement classes are for anyone that wishes to engage with a moment practice that breaks limitations and stimulates fresh ways of thinking/learning/moving. All you need are some comfortable clothes and a open mind.

When & Where

Every Saturday - 10:30am
InnerWork studio:

Joseph Ledelstraat 86, The Hague, Netherlands

Come meet like minded people interested in movement and body awareness...

The classes are open to all levels of experience.


Ady - 0658859045

The Classes are on Pausetill furthur notice.

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