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Manou Koreman

I am a performer, yoga teacher and therapist with a never ending curiosity about the intricacies of how our bodies move.

As a therapist, I like to create an open space where you can feel relaxed, supported, and free. I strongly believe that our bodies know exactly what we need when given time and space to relax, breathe, let go.

About me

I met the Ilan Lev method while taking a dance class in Brussels. It immediately intrigued me and I decided to experience a treatment. Wow, it turned me upside down and inside out! I loved the richness of sensation, the amount of possibilities, and the open curiosity of the method (and the practitioner). From then on I had many treatments and took many movement classes, which took my dancing to new levels of freedom and expression. 

I decided to join the practitioners training during the lockdown. I finished the basic course in 2022 and the movement course in 2023, and am currently enrolled in the advanced course. It’s amazing to get to learn from Ilan, who at 86 moves with such ease and efficiency!
I love giving treatments because it’s a joint adventure between patient and practitioner: we go on a journey together, seeing where the body leads. The session can bring up many different things, and always clarifies what is there, what wants to be addressed or seen or sensed.



Feel free to send me a message or give me a call if you have any questions. I'm happy to be at your service. 

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