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ILM Open Event

Get To Know The Method

Welcome to the Ilan Lev Method (ILM) open day event.

The Method brings an explosion of movement, life force energy, playful provocation, and joy to the body. This creates the environment in which the body's natural ability to heal itself can arise. We discover optimal range of motion, efficiency of effort, and a new understanding of ourselves, through play.

Practical information

In this open day event we will explore two aspects of the method:

Quickie sessions (10-15min) - a short version of the full session, meant to give a taste of the possibilities the method can provide. (you will get to experience a few different quickies..)

Movement class - a practice we do together to explore the body and discover it trough our own movements.

Day schedule:

Saturday 1st. June 

13:00 - Quickie sessions

14:00 - Movement class

14:30 - More Quickie sessions 

15:30 - Movement exploration 

Location: Studio Annamora

Nieuwe Looiersstraat 21A, 1017 VA, Amsterdam

The schedule is open. You can join parts of the day or the whole day. 

Participation is free, you are welcome to join and invite your friends! 


More info and registration:
Noa - 0639625771
Omer - 0611117028

Meet The Team

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