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The Ilan Lev Method sees ease of movement as the foundation for a healthy and fulfilling life. The approach considers the whole person and the way they move, recognizing that trauma, physical injuries or discomfort are often linked to our movement patterns.


The method is designed to address blockages in the body that cause pain and discomfort, whether they are physical or emotional in nature. By gently moving the body and opening up pathways of movement, tension is moved out and away from the limbs. This promotes a relaxed and alert state, leaving you feeling lighter and more energized.


During a private session, we first shortly discuss what is going on physically, emotionally, mentally. The session is individually tailored to your needs. You lie down on the table and together we see what the movement possibilities are, where there may be blockages and how we can encourage your system into bypassing these tensions. Anything is possible. The body’s direct reception of these movement patterns evokes an unusual, deep and intensive learning process.

Close-up of an ILM session, highlighting the focus on body-mind connection and reducing pain through this unique manual therapy technique.
A therapeutic session with Ady Elzam, offering a true and full meeting between two beings, where patients find healing and growth through movement.


We offer a range of movement classes, exercises, and resources to complement our private sessions, empowering you to take control of your healing journey. By working together and committing to your own practice, you can experience a complete transformation of your body, mind, and soul.


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Private ILM Session

Experience the transformative power of the Ilan Lev Method with a private session. Whether you're suffering from physical pain or emotional distress, working on the physical level can offer you relief. During a session your body will be gently moved to help release blockages and tensions, leaving you feeling light and energized. Book your first session today and transform your physical and emotional wellbeing.


A series of 6 treatments

Ready to dive deeper into your journey of self-discovery? A six-session package is the perfect way to achieve long-lasting change. We will work together to tailor a personal practice for you that promotes a happier, healthier lifestyle and helps you unlock the full potential of your body and mind.

(available after the first session)

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I have been practicing this transformative method since 2011 and it has been an integral part of my journey as a dancer, performer and movement teacher. Throughout the years I’ve worked alongside Ilan Lev to keep developing and playing with all this Method has to offer.


My approach to healing is holistic and focuses on bringing joy and movement flow to the body and the person as a whole. I believe in empowering my patients with the knowledge and tools to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.


As a therapist, I bring positivity, energy, and care to every session. I'm dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable space for my patients to heal. If you're seeking a compassionate and skilled therapist who can help you restore and revitalize yourself, I'm here for you. Let's embark on this journey together.

Ady Elzam demonstrating the transformative power of the Ilan Lev Method, helping clients reconnect with their bodies and develop a deeper relationship with movement.


Contact us today to schedule your private session and begin your journey towards a happier, healthier you.

Whether you have questions about the Ilan Lev Method or are ready to book your appointment, we're here to help. Contact us via email, phone or the form below to start your transformation today.

Clinic Address: Kon. Emmakade 107, 2518 RN Den Haag

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